From a very Young age I knew that I wanted to be an actress. When i was three years old, I told my mother and since then I was clear about the way forward. I didn't stop until I got my parents' support and permission. At the age of 16 I moved to Madrid with the intention of being able to combine the Baccalaureate in Performing Arts, Music and Dance with the dramatic art career at Cristina Rota's acting school.


When I finished my degree in dramatic art I was lucky enough to be able to start working as an actress while continuing to train as a dancer in the disciplines of contemporary, modern and musical theater. I have trained in camera with different courses taught by film directors.


London has been one of the impasses in my life, on the one hand, it allowed me to perfect my English and on the other hand to attend the Royal Academy of Dramatics Arts (RADA), one of the most prestigious acting schools worldwide.


Currently I combine my work as an actress and dancer with the creation of my own projects. I consider myself a hardworking, constant, disciplined and collaborative person.


I enjoy incredibly working as a team and sharing different points of view. And certainly, there is nothing more pleasurable than walking a path and enjoying the process.


One of the phrases that has accompanied me throughout my career is: “There is no more satisfaction tan achieving the dreams for which one day you fought so hard”